Box. Of. Awesome.

Rob and I celebrated our first anniversary on Monday.  I didn’t get him anything–the thought never crossed my mind. I don’t know why. I owe him.  He did fantastic.

Skittles and the Box of Awesome

He got me what I’ve been calling the Box of Awesome.  That’s the box.———>

It looks like it’s full of envelopes, and it is.  The awesome is where those envelopes came from, and what’s inside.

See, Rob looked up what the gift for a first anniversary is–paper.  And he decided that he’d get in touch with authors-several we’ve met, others that we haven’t but that I admire-and he asked them to write a note for our anniversary, and he asked if they’d write about writing.

He got responses from some pretty awesome people. I was pretty speechless reading all the cards and notes.  I’m finding it difficult to describe it all right now.  I think the card he’s proudest of getting is the one from Jim and Shannon Butcher, which also included a handmade

From Jim and Shannon Butcher, with the bookmarks.

glass bookmark from Shannon, as well as bookmarks for her other books.  And yeah, that is pretty awesome.

All the cards and notes are frikkin awesome.  There are cards from NYTimes bestsellers, YA authors, award winners, an artist, and others.  Several loved Rob’s idea and thought it was the best anniversary gift.

I agree with them.  Course, now Rob’s a little worried that he might’ve set the bar a bit high.  Nah.

From Kevin Hearne

Yes, I did take pictures of all the cards and notes, they’re up here.

So, who all sent stuff?

Patricia Briggs, who writes the Mercy Thompson and Alpha and Omega series. She’s one of the first urban fantasy authors I read.

Annette Curtis Klause-she writes YA. Rob and I met Annette at ConBust, in Mass.

Thomas Sniegoski-writes YA, urban fantasy, comics.

Seanan McGuire–writes the Toby Daye series, Incryptids, and under the pseudonym Mira Grant the Newsflesh trilogy.  Feed is one of my favorite audiobooks.

Theresa Bane–Terry’s a beta reader for Jim Butcher, and Rob and I met her at NY ComicCon at the Buzzy Multimedia booth.

Peter V. Brett–He writes the Demonwar Saga

Myke Cole–Debut author (Control Point) Rob and I met at NYCC this past year, and he’s introduced us to quite a few authors.  Several of his blog posts struck a chord with me, and they helped give me the push I needed to finish my draft.

Laura Anne Gilman–Her series are the Vineart War trilogy and the Cosa Nostradamus books.

C.E. Murphy–writes the Walker Paper series, and a lot more.

Kevin Hearne–writes the Iron Druid series.  He wrote “Eddie” as the sender on his card.  It took me a moment to get, and then I chuckled.  Eddie is the mascot for Iron Maiden, and Kevin and Rob had a few conversations about the best Maiden songs.

Kat Richardson–She writes the Greywalker series.

Chris McGrath–cover artist for Jim Butcher, Seanan, Kat, and a lot more.  I don’t think I’ve picked up a bad book with his artwork.  And he’s a really nice guy, too.

Julie Butcher–Jim’s sister.  She’s not published yet, but she’s got an agent.

Jim and Shannon Butcher–Jim writes the Dresden Files, and Shannon writes the Sentinel Wars and the Edge series. They both have a finished series and keep putting out more.  Rob and I have met them both, and had dinner with them a couple times.  They are both pretty awesome, and they’re one of the cutest couples.

I really hope I didn’t forget anyone.  Thank you to everyone that sent cards and notes.  They are treasured.

**Had to edit this to add another author.  Got a letter today from Benedict Jacka, who writes the Alex Verus novels.  I get a kick out of his cover blurbs–on the first one, he has a blurb on front and one on back.  Both are from Jim Butcher.

Rob’s tweeted and messaged several authors to thank them and let them know about this post, and I know the perfect way to continue thanking them.  Buying their books.

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