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I haven’t done much since I finished the draft of my story. Mostly reading, very little writing. I was pretty much a lump. I’ve changed that in the past couple weeks–slowly started in on revisions-very slowly-and I bought a new treadmill and have been using it most days.

I’ve kinda been burying myself in all this lately-reading, writing, exercising-because my mom went into the hospital with an intestinal blockage. She had surgery-a large part of her intestine was removed, but enough for her to function normally-and she was doing well. There were some stressful moments when things could’ve gone either way, but there was improvement.

Then, this past weekend, she took a step backward. There was an abscess, and then another was found, and she’d have to have a drain put in. And infection, so she’s on three antibiotics. These made breathing difficult, so today she was moved and put on BiPAP. But that made mom anxious, even when they gave her something for it, so she’s been moved back into ICU and intubated.

It’s very much wait and see, so I’m keeping my thoughts positive. I read and write, and watch tv or movies, to keep my mind from throwing up every possible scenario it can think of, and to keep from dwelling.

And I want to say thank you to everyone for the good thoughts and prayers; they are appreciated.

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