Finding my process

I started the year with the intention of finishing a draft of my novel.  I wrote a post on finding time to write, well, making excuses.

It took me a few months to get out of my own way.

I made excuses about not having enough time, but I had plenty.

What I lacked, above everything, was organization.

I fixed this in small steps.

    • I moved my weekly whiteboard into the bedroom, where I would see it every morning and evening.
    • I set a daily goal.  500 a day, Monday through Friday.  Or 2500 a week.
    • I write for 30 minutes during my lunch break.
    • The words get typed up every evening.
    • Word count gets marked on the whiteboard.  If I fall short, I subtract the word count from 500 and put up that number.  If I go over, I write by how much.

With this routine, I wrote around 50,000 in about three months.

Now I’m going to try the same approach with exercise, and see how it works.

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I'm a writer in progress, and in my day job I copyedit/solve puzzles.
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