I decided on a reward for hitting a word count.  Figured out a rough estimate of what that would be to hit the goal I set myself.  Around 2000 words a day.  Crap.  It’s doable; I’ve managed that before.  But that pretty much means that I’ll have next to no free time, and likely not enough free time to do the stuff I need to do.  Like exercise.

I can get roughly around 500 words during my lunch break at work.  The problem with that is that I use half of my hour.  By the time I get to the point where things are rolling, that half hour is up, and lunch is over.  And then during the rest of the time at work, I’ve lost the train of thought I had, so it takes me a while to get back into it when I get home.  Guess I’m gonna have to work on getting that to happen quicker.

Wish I could put these words toward that 2000, but I can’t.  So nose to the grindstone.

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I'm a writer in progress, and in my day job I copyedit/solve puzzles.
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