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Been sorta busy-ish.  Found two venues for the wedding which I’m thinking are good places.  Visited one while visiting Alaska last year, supposed to be getting pictures of the other.  At some point I should see how the flowers look together.  I decided on fake because they won’t die, and cause you just can’t get blue roses.  Not really ones, and not in the blue I like.  And debating on dresses.  Not too worried about that, though.  But apparently people don’t know how to respond, or just have put it off and forgot.  Or something.  As it stands, I think 2 people have responded that they’ll try to be there, apart from immediate family, and 4 or 5 have said they can’t/won’t make it.  Out of something like 25 letters sent.  I could be off a bit, but not much more than by a couple.

Anyway, was uploading pictures to flickr last night.  I decided I probably take too many.  But I’m okay with that.  I like photos, and I got some awesome ones from Alaska last year.  And it’s cool going through the photos and finding those that still surprise me to remember “hey, I took that.”

I should really be writing.  Had planned to write a lot yesterday, but that ended up not happening.  Rob had to go to the dentist to have a tooth looked at (he’ll need a surgeon to pull it), and I went with him to make an appointment for myself.  Then we went to the diner, and didn’t get home until around 1 or 2.  And I wasn’t in a great mood, so didn’t get much of anything done.  Only wrote around 500 words the day before.  That was annoying.  Will try to remember that for another time.

But I wanna play a game.  Kinda got an urge to play Lord of the Rings Online.  Level up my champion.  Have Going Rogue for City of Heroes/Villains but not quite wanting to play that.  Maybe I should see how many words I managed this week and then see if it’s enough to warrant allowing myself to play for a little bit.  I think I found a reward for hitting a word count.

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