Okay, so I’m exercising because the doctor says I need to lose weight.  And cause I know I need to lose weight.  Been exercising for just under two years.  Well, except for the 3 or 4 month period where I had bronchitis.  But aside from that, exercising pretty regularly.  And maybe not eating the best I could be, but not overdoing it, and not stuffing my face.  So my question is this: When the hell am I actually going to see anything useful from this?  Right now I lose a couple pounds and gain them back, plus two or three more.  At one point, I’d managed to lose around 15 pounds.  In about Dec/Jan when I was taking Prednisone for the bronchitis.  Got better, gained it all back, plus a few more, started exercising, and not much of anything.

This really pisses me off for a couple reasons.  First, I’m exercising and getting next to nothing for it except sore muscles.  And B: it’s taking up half the time I’d like to use for writing.  Cause if I exercise, it goes right to about time for dinner, then after dinner it’s shower, and after that, the TV gets turned on, and I have difficulty concentrating when the TV is on.  And because I’ve just taken a shower and bedtime will be in around 2-3 hours, I’m not coming back into my room.  And I’m not gonna stay up later, Rob has to wake up early and has enough trouble with that as it is.  Not gonna wake up any earlier, either, because I’m not a morning person and I’m not usually awake until sometime around 3 hours after I get out of bed.  Not gonna get much written at that point.

Yeah, I’m sure the stress isn’t helping much, either.  And that’s making itself known in all kinds of ways.  Just frikkin’ lovely.  Makes me wonder why I’m bothering, sometimes.

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