Yay! Books!

We, or rather Rob’s mom, finished repainting the living room today.  I’ve been waiting for this to be done because it means I can clean my writing room.

Why’s that? Those stacks of books on the sofa?IMG_1849

Yeah, That keeps growing.  But now, with the living room painted, there are two bookcases to be filled.  Will they all fit?  I have no clue.  I’m hoping so.  Or at least most of them.

I’ll also be able to move Rob’s acoustic guitar down there.  No more feeling cramped in my own little space!

Some people might ask, if I have so little space for books, why don’t I get an e-reader?  Simple answer(most of my friends and family know this)-I already have one.  I’ve had a second generation Kindle since they came out.

As much as I love that, and oh, do I love it, especially for new book releases, I still love the feel and smell of a new book.  Old ones, too.

I adore the texture of books.  That oh, so slight roughness of a page in a hardback.  Or the slightly rougher feel of a paperback page.  And the smoothness of paper used for the bricks–you know, those 1000+ page fantasies by Robert Jordan or George R.R. Martin.  The brush of gray on my fingers from reading a book for hours at time.

And the smell.  It’s so incredibly unique to paper and books that there’s almost no other way to describe it.  Old books, library, used bookstore.  Sort of like new car smell, but for books.  And so much better.

The Kindle only adds to the joy.  Having the Kindle means that at no time am I without a book.  Taking the train into New York City.  At the theater waiting for a movie to start.  Sitting in a salon getting my hair dyed.  If I didn’t have my Kindle, I’d still be carrying a book.

In fact, flying to Alaska in August, I had both Kindle and a paperback with me.  Because one downside is that Kindles have to be turned off.  They’re electronic devices.  So, I had a book for that time.  And in that instance, I just didn’t want to put the book (Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch) down to pull out the Kindle.

If I’d really wanted to, I could have both Kindle and physical versions of a book with me.  Audio, as well.  There are some books where I own almost every version possible.

Why?  I love books.  Why not?

But if you really need a reason?  I want to own the different copies.  Audio books, I can listen to at work and reread without taking away from my writing time.  Kindle versions are good for traveling.  Physical books I can see on the shelf, smell them, touch them.  Plus, I’ve met several of the authors I read.  I want them to write more books for me to enjoy.  Best way to do that, I think, is to buy their books.

That reminds me-I have some audiobooks to buy.

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Growing up Geek

I can’t think of a time I wasn’t a geek.

I’d say it all goes back to third grade.  That’s when everything geeky gelled for me, and there was no looking back.

I’d already become an overachiever at school–straight As, except for cursive handwriting-and more advanced than most of my classmates.  But some things happened that year.

Before third grade started, my family went on vacation in Florida, to Disney World and to visit my grandfather-he worked at NASA.  We went on a tour of Kennedy Space Center, although I honestly don’t remember much of that, but space has always fascinated me.  I do remember at some point talking with my grandfather about books and Star Wars.  That year, I forget if it was for my birthday or Christmas, he sent me three books–Frank Herbert’s Dune, Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles, and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation.  The last being the only one I wasn’t able to comprehend enough to finish.

Once school started, I made a friend who was as much, if not more, of a Star Wars fan than I was.  I had someone to be geeky with.

The really big thing for me-that was when I realized I wanted to write.  Did I know what I wanted to write?  I couldn’t say.  I just know that’s the first I remember thinking “This is what I want to do.”  I haven’t stopped since.  I don’t think I could, even if I wanted.

At some point, between third and fifth grade, I did realize I wanted to write fantasy.  Those were the stories that stuck with me.  Sometimes to the point of distraction.  I spent a couple years trying to find the sci-fi/fantasy section of the library so that I could find The Neverending Story.  I don’t know why it took so long, other than the librarians possibly didn’t understand I wasn’t looking for a children’s book.  I once made my family go from one video rental store to another, trying to find this older movie that had unicorns.  That was all I could remember about it, but we eventually found it–Legend.  I own both those, now.

Yeah, I’ve lost my train of thought. That happens a lot.  Need to work on that.


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Proud to be a Geek

I’m a geek.

I met my husband online. We knew each other for about ten years before we met in person. Our common interests are almost all geeky–Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, computers and games.  He got me into Doctor Who, and I took him to conventions.

Everything about our wedding was subtle geek.  Can you spot the references?

No fair if you’ve already been told.

Sometimes, the best way to show I’m a geek, is to actually *show* it.


Nah, I’m not all *that* geeky, am I? 😀

I wouldn’t have it any other way, really.  And seriously, I can’t think of any community better to be part of than the geek community.  They are, every one that I’ve met, awesome people.


Oh, and the wedding thing-variation of a dress from Princes Bride

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Hey, an update!

We’re not even having all that big a wedding; I mean, it’s quite simple as weddings go, but man is it tiring.  I’d meant to update more on this, write more posts, but it’s been almost a month since the last one? How does that happen?

The one plus? I’ve started in on revisions again.  It’s slow going so far, but it should start to move faster the more I get into them, and the more time I have.  Little difficult to get too invested when I might get called to try on my dress.

But for tonight, Rob’s sleeping off his latest sinus infection, so I’m trying to revise/rewrite.

I thought about posting about Borders going under, but, well. Who didn’t see this coming when they went into bankruptcy?

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Blood test, ultra sound, MRI?

I’ve been remiss in updating in, well, a long frikkin time.  I think I’ve had a bit of head-in-the-sand syndrome-if I bury myself in things, I won’t have to think or deal with stuff.

Yeah, not so much.

I’d mentioned back in April (probably only on facebook, but possibly on twitter) that I had blood work done for elevated LFTs, and that my doctor wanted me to have an ultra sound done on my liver because of the results.


The results came back from that the US found a lump on my liver, and the doctor wanted an MRI.  There were issues with getting that scheduled-the radiology place seemed to only have my cell, which I never answered at work, if it even had a charge-so Rob and I stopped by there one Saturday after I got blood drawn for routine blood work, and the woman we talked to said that there were no notes in the computer, and that the MRI had to be done in a different facility because they don’t do them there.


About a week later, I had an appointment with my doctor, and I told her about all that.  She had her receptionist call and schedule the appointment.  At the same place that said they don’t do MRIs there.  And the doctor said that it was probably nothing, and likely something that had been there forever, but she just wanted to be certain.

So I went and had the MRI done. Little freaky, that, not knowing exactly what to expect-I’ve never been in a hospital except to visit, and the worst I’ve ever had was bronchitis a couple years ago.  It took a couple weeks to hear back from the doctor.  Which made me guess it was one of those “no new is good news” types of things, and I’d be getting a paper in the mail.

Which I did.  On the page, it said the lump looked to be a benign adenoma, but to be certain the test will be repeated in September.  Looking that one up, it seems to be something that can be caused by birth control.

Okay, not too surprising, if that’s true. I took bc for about ten years and stopped because of the stroke risk. So here’s hoping the thing shrinks.

But because of all that, I’ve been doing mostly mindless stuff. Like playing Lord of the Rings Online. Instead of writing, which is what I should’ve been doing.  And wedding planning.

But now most everything’s about to explode(be over), that should change.

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