Yay! Books!

We, or rather Rob’s mom, finished repainting the living room today.  I’ve been waiting for this to be done because it means I can clean my writing room.

Why’s that? Those stacks of books on the sofa?IMG_1849

Yeah, That keeps growing.  But now, with the living room painted, there are two bookcases to be filled.  Will they all fit?  I have no clue.  I’m hoping so.  Or at least most of them.

I’ll also be able to move Rob’s acoustic guitar down there.  No more feeling cramped in my own little space!

Some people might ask, if I have so little space for books, why don’t I get an e-reader?  Simple answer(most of my friends and family know this)-I already have one.  I’ve had a second generation Kindle since they came out.

As much as I love that, and oh, do I love it, especially for new book releases, I still love the feel and smell of a new book.  Old ones, too.

I adore the texture of books.  That oh, so slight roughness of a page in a hardback.  Or the slightly rougher feel of a paperback page.  And the smoothness of paper used for the bricks–you know, those 1000+ page fantasies by Robert Jordan or George R.R. Martin.  The brush of gray on my fingers from reading a book for hours at time.

And the smell.  It’s so incredibly unique to paper and books that there’s almost no other way to describe it.  Old books, library, used bookstore.  Sort of like new car smell, but for books.  And so much better.

The Kindle only adds to the joy.  Having the Kindle means that at no time am I without a book.  Taking the train into New York City.  At the theater waiting for a movie to start.  Sitting in a salon getting my hair dyed.  If I didn’t have my Kindle, I’d still be carrying a book.

In fact, flying to Alaska in August, I had both Kindle and a paperback with me.  Because one downside is that Kindles have to be turned off.  They’re electronic devices.  So, I had a book for that time.  And in that instance, I just didn’t want to put the book (Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch) down to pull out the Kindle.

If I’d really wanted to, I could have both Kindle and physical versions of a book with me.  Audio, as well.  There are some books where I own almost every version possible.

Why?  I love books.  Why not?

But if you really need a reason?  I want to own the different copies.  Audio books, I can listen to at work and reread without taking away from my writing time.  Kindle versions are good for traveling.  Physical books I can see on the shelf, smell them, touch them.  Plus, I’ve met several of the authors I read.  I want them to write more books for me to enjoy.  Best way to do that, I think, is to buy their books.

That reminds me-I have some audiobooks to buy.

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