Blood test, ultra sound, MRI?

I’ve been remiss in updating in, well, a long frikkin time.  I think I’ve had a bit of head-in-the-sand syndrome-if I bury myself in things, I won’t have to think or deal with stuff.

Yeah, not so much.

I’d mentioned back in April (probably only on facebook, but possibly on twitter) that I had blood work done for elevated LFTs, and that my doctor wanted me to have an ultra sound done on my liver because of the results.


The results came back from that the US found a lump on my liver, and the doctor wanted an MRI.  There were issues with getting that scheduled-the radiology place seemed to only have my cell, which I never answered at work, if it even had a charge-so Rob and I stopped by there one Saturday after I got blood drawn for routine blood work, and the woman we talked to said that there were no notes in the computer, and that the MRI had to be done in a different facility because they don’t do them there.


About a week later, I had an appointment with my doctor, and I told her about all that.  She had her receptionist call and schedule the appointment.  At the same place that said they don’t do MRIs there.  And the doctor said that it was probably nothing, and likely something that had been there forever, but she just wanted to be certain.

So I went and had the MRI done. Little freaky, that, not knowing exactly what to expect-I’ve never been in a hospital except to visit, and the worst I’ve ever had was bronchitis a couple years ago.  It took a couple weeks to hear back from the doctor.  Which made me guess it was one of those “no new is good news” types of things, and I’d be getting a paper in the mail.

Which I did.  On the page, it said the lump looked to be a benign adenoma, but to be certain the test will be repeated in September.  Looking that one up, it seems to be something that can be caused by birth control.

Okay, not too surprising, if that’s true. I took bc for about ten years and stopped because of the stroke risk. So here’s hoping the thing shrinks.

But because of all that, I’ve been doing mostly mindless stuff. Like playing Lord of the Rings Online. Instead of writing, which is what I should’ve been doing.  And wedding planning.

But now most everything’s about to explode(be over), that should change.

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