Proud to be a Geek

I’m a geek.

I met my husband online. We knew each other for about ten years before we met in person. Our common interests are almost all geeky–Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, computers and games.  He got me into Doctor Who, and I took him to conventions.

Everything about our wedding was subtle geek.  Can you spot the references?

No fair if you’ve already been told.

Sometimes, the best way to show I’m a geek, is to actually *show* it.


Nah, I’m not all *that* geeky, am I? 😀

I wouldn’t have it any other way, really.  And seriously, I can’t think of any community better to be part of than the geek community.  They are, every one that I’ve met, awesome people.


Oh, and the wedding thing-variation of a dress from Princes Bride

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I'm a writer in progress, and in my day job I copyedit/solve puzzles.
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