NYCC cons(the not so good)

There were some down moments of NYCC.

1. The line to get in Friday morning.  Yeah, I’m sure it was better than last year (we got there around 5 last year), but seriously.

People were divided into three lines with colored entrances.  The blue entrance was for VIP/pro/press passes.  The green entrance for anyone who already had a badge, and the yellow entrance for anyone who needed to buy/pick up a badge.  Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Not so much.

I would hazard a guess that probably 3/4 of everyone there had to go in through the green entrance.  I do seem to recall that the 4 day/VIP passes didn’t sell out.  When Rob and I got to Javits on Friday morning, we started on 39th Street, the street closest to the green entrance.  And we followed the signs.  Down 39th.  Around the corner to 12th Ave and down the long block to 34th Street.  Around that corner and up 34th almost to the corner of 11th Ave (yeah, not exactly a short distance-especially with really high humidity).  The volunteers holding the signs  just said to keep going.  We were almost to 11th Ave before anyone said anything but keep going.  And that guy said-“Go in the blue entrance.  Today only.”

Seriously?  We walked almost completely around the building because there didn’t seem to be any communication.  Yeah, okay, fine.  It took about 45 min to get in.  Though I could be wrong; it could’ve taken longer.


2.  There was a panel I’d hoped to go to at 10:45 Friday morning.  I didn’t really expect to make it, not with waiting in line, but with the fiasco of the line?  No way was it possible.  And WTH did they have a panel at 10:45 AM?  Who’s actually there aside from the VIP/pro/press and the people who got in line at the asscrack of dawn?


I know it’s not likely to happen, but the line situation could possibly be somewhat fixed if they were to separate the lines more than they already had—multiple and single day passes.  That might help a slight bit.  And don’t schedule panels until a time when people are likely to actually be in the building.


Sunday morning line

3.  The cattle herding line on Sunday.  I understand there are safety concerns.  But again, separate lines—don’t lump me in with everyone who’s picking up their badges for the day.  Or at least try to make sure the AC is working better.


4.  I had really hoped to be able to go to see Return of the King at Radio City with a full symphony.  Rob and I saw Two Towers last year, and I’d so looked forward to that.  But that got delayed to next year.  There’s a traveling concert/showing for Fellowship of the Ring, which I’d also like to see, but as far as I know, that won’t be making it to the East coast.


Everything else that wasn’t great—I expect not to enjoy that stuff at a convention, especially one as crowded as NYCC.  People push and shove, block vendor tables, and they’re generally asses.  I don’t expect that to change, though sometimes there are those decent people who have manners.

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New York City Comic Con-an overview

This was only the second time Rob and I have gone to NYCC, but it’s already looking to be an annual thing.  And we’ve already developed some habits while there—but more on that in a bit (more posts to come, as well as pictures).

First-something of an overview.

We had three day passes, though we’ve since decided that next year we’ll definitely be wanting the four day passes.  That was something of a moot point when we bought the tickets, though, because neither of us expected to be able to take Friday off.  By some fluke miracle, we both managed that and got into the city early Friday morning.  And by early, I mean we woke up when Rob normally does at 5:15am—I had to have blood drawn, and we were on the train by 7am.

Once we were in the city, we got to our hotel—Yotel—and dropped off our luggage before heading to the Javits Center to wait in line (more about that in another post).  Inside, it was too late to get to the first panel we wanted to go to, and we started finding the booths we’d end up gravitating to over the course of the weekend—book publishers, Book Country, Her Universe, and Monarch Comics.

See, we go to ComicCon for the authors more than anything else.  We didn’t even have to go previous years to know that the TV/movie panels would be packed to overflowing, or that the gaming booths would be a trial to anyone who desired personal space.  Not to mention standing in line for one or the other to the exclusion of doing anything else.  We wanted to enjoy the con without spending all our time in long lines.  So, while I know from announcements that there were Avengers panels, and panels for Arkham City and The Old Republic and so forth, I didn’t even consider trying to get to those.

I don’t think this was a bad thing.

Instead, I got to talk with debut authors, New York Times bestsellers, editors, and others in the publishing industry.  This better fits me, anyway, since I’m working toward that kinda thing.  And, free books.

Rob and I have what could be considered a routine with how we approach the show floor.  And it started happening last year almost by accident.  One of my coworkers at Penny Press has a booth-Monarch Comics.  Last year, he was across an aisle from the Penguin booth, and there somehow managed to be breathing room on the edge of the booth.  So we’d stop by there and rest a bit before moving back into the crowd.  This year we did the same, although the Monarch booth was nowhere near the publishers.  It was near Book Country, though.  So we’d start a circuit at Book Country and move toward Monarch, eventually we’d get to the publishers and circle them a few times before making our way over to Her Universe.  There was a decent sized open space, with air conditioning, beside Her Universe because of the Chevrolet cars on display.  We did this kinda thing several times each day.

Friday night, we had wanted to go to a panel with several authors, but instead we ended up going with a couple friends to dinner at a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican place—Tulcingo Del Valle.  Quite good, too, not overly spicy like I tend to expect.  It was pretty slow, and we saw a picture of the line for the panel, so we didn’t think we’d have any chance of making it to Javits and into the room in time.  But that wasn’t too big a deal; Anton Strout recorded the audio and put it up on his Once and Future Podcast, so I was at least able to listen to it after the fact.

We spent the day Saturday walking around some more, though this time Rob and a friend were dressed as the Blues Brothers, so they got stopped quite often for pictures.  Also, more free books.  We managed to get to the Saturday panel we wanted to go to—Military sci-fi—and the signing the authors did afterward.  After that, we went back to Yotel to rest a bit before going to the Irish Rogue to meet Jim Butcher fans for a get-together that had been planned.

Sunday—more spending time with friends, and even more free books.  A couple free audio books, too.

Overall, the weekend was great, and I’m pretty sure the number of free books paid for the cost of both tickets.  Don’t know that I’d go so far as to say they paid for the hotel, though.

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I’ve got to get better at this procrastination thing.  As in-don’t do it.  NYCC was a week ago, and I’m just now writing about it.  Although in the past few days, I have bought a paper shredder and cleared out my filing cabinet.  Also bought a couple plastic bins to store some of the t shirts that I don’t wear.  This is an important thing because it helps me get my writing room clean and cleared out.  Once that’s done, I won’t feel so incredibly cramped when I go in there, and I’ll feel more encouraged to write.

And today I’ve taken the first step into getting back on track with normal exercise—I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill.  The wedding threw me completely out of whack in just about every way possible.  At least as far as keeping up with exercise and writing, and keeping my writing room clean.  Probably didn’t help much that Rob and I went to more conventions this year than we did last year.  Though I think the biggest time sink was making the wedding dress mockup.  That took up pretty much all my Friday half days during summer hours.

But now that’s all behind me, and I can get moving again. Literally.

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So…Star Wars

I love these movies. And books.  Comics, soundtracks, tshirts, posters, toys, and so on and so forth. Yeah, talk about over-saturation.

Despite loving them, I *will not* be buying the new blu ray set.  If someone wants to get it for me for my birthday, or Christmas, I’m fine with that.  But in this case, I’ll not be spending my money on it.

Because these changes?  It’s ridiculous.  Most of the previous editions’ changes weren’t bad-aside from Greedo shooting first and the new Jedi Rocks dance number-both still bearable-but really.  C’mon.  At some point, somebody needs to tell George Lucas to stop screwing around with the movies.  And some things, they should just be returned to the original.  Ya know, like Steven Spielberg seems to be willing to do with the blu ray edition of E.T.  He said he’d change the walkie talkies back to guns, or rather, go back to the original cut of the movie.  Lucas should do that–especially with Greedo shooting, because continuing to change it to make it Greedo shot first and Han dodged, and then Han shot a split second before Greedo who then shot at Han who dodged–yeah, not so much.  It just looks badly done.

Like Rob has said many times-Just because you have the technology, doesn’t mean you should use it.

Yeah, I’m still a fan.  That won’t change.  Lucas will still continue to get my money for other stuff.  Like the 20th edition Heir to the Empire hardback.  Hell, if it didn’t cost something like $3,000, I’d buy the Frames set thingie.  I saw that displayed at NYCC last year, and oh was it gorgeous.

Speaking of NYCC, I might even end up wearing the Jedi costume I made for the midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith.  I’ve come across a pair of boots, locally, that would be perfect to go with that.  And the boots were one of the biggest issues I’d had with the costume.  That and the fact that the lightsaber hilt I made was too long and not the best.  But hey, I made it on a college budget–like $30 or less.  Cool thing about that-it matched the costume I made when I lived in Bangor about two years later.  Yeah, I’m not predictable, or anything.

Though, with the blu ray release, I do wonder one thing.  Will the 3D releases be the originals, the ’97 Special Edition, the 2004 DVD version, or this new one?  Cause if it’s this one?  I’ll see the prequels.  I’ll probably skip Star Wars.  Empire Strikes Back without a doubt.  Return of the Jedi?  With that new, unnecessary shout at the end?  Not just no, but Hell no.  Cause really.  WTF Lucas?

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WooHoo Who!

Two years ago, I didn’t much care what, or who, Doctor Who was.  Some guy who travels in time in a blue box and wore a scarf.  Aside from hearing the theme a couple times and being told it was getting rebooted, that was about the extent of my knowledge.

Well, five years ago, until I’d moved in with Rob.  Then I saw a video he watched of all the regenerations up to David Tennant.  And he stopped on Sci-Fi(before the name change) while flipping through channels, and I saw a preview for the episode set in London with zeppelins, and part of the episode with the tentacle-mouthed aliens.

Then we got Netflix.  Rob started watching the new episodes because he hadn’t watched the show in years.  I half watched over his shoulder when he watched the episode where Christopher Eccleston left and David Tennant started.  Then I watched an episode over his shoulder.  Then another.  And another.  We put Netflix on the PlayStation 3 and watched there.  I put it on the Wii to watch the episodes I’d missed.

Now?  Just over a year later, I’ve become a pretty big fan.  I’ve got I don’t know how many DW t-shirts.  All the scores from new Who on my iPod, and those seasons in my iTunes library.  And I really wanna build a T.A.R.D.I.S.  Cause that’d just be awesome.  I haven’t watched much classic Who, but I’m sure at some point we’ll get around to it.

Do I think I’m one of the biggest fans?  Far from it.  Rob knows quite a bit more than me.  He grew up watching the show.

Hey, maybe I should see if that’s what he’ll learn to play on the guitar for me….

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