So…Star Wars

I love these movies. And books.  Comics, soundtracks, tshirts, posters, toys, and so on and so forth. Yeah, talk about over-saturation.

Despite loving them, I *will not* be buying the new blu ray set.  If someone wants to get it for me for my birthday, or Christmas, I’m fine with that.  But in this case, I’ll not be spending my money on it.

Because these changes?  It’s ridiculous.  Most of the previous editions’ changes weren’t bad-aside from Greedo shooting first and the new Jedi Rocks dance number-both still bearable-but really.  C’mon.  At some point, somebody needs to tell George Lucas to stop screwing around with the movies.  And some things, they should just be returned to the original.  Ya know, like Steven Spielberg seems to be willing to do with the blu ray edition of E.T.  He said he’d change the walkie talkies back to guns, or rather, go back to the original cut of the movie.  Lucas should do that–especially with Greedo shooting, because continuing to change it to make it Greedo shot first and Han dodged, and then Han shot a split second before Greedo who then shot at Han who dodged–yeah, not so much.  It just looks badly done.

Like Rob has said many times-Just because you have the technology, doesn’t mean you should use it.

Yeah, I’m still a fan.  That won’t change.  Lucas will still continue to get my money for other stuff.  Like the 20th edition Heir to the Empire hardback.  Hell, if it didn’t cost something like $3,000, I’d buy the Frames set thingie.  I saw that displayed at NYCC last year, and oh was it gorgeous.

Speaking of NYCC, I might even end up wearing the Jedi costume I made for the midnight showing of Revenge of the Sith.  I’ve come across a pair of boots, locally, that would be perfect to go with that.  And the boots were one of the biggest issues I’d had with the costume.  That and the fact that the lightsaber hilt I made was too long and not the best.  But hey, I made it on a college budget–like $30 or less.  Cool thing about that-it matched the costume I made when I lived in Bangor about two years later.  Yeah, I’m not predictable, or anything.

Though, with the blu ray release, I do wonder one thing.  Will the 3D releases be the originals, the ’97 Special Edition, the 2004 DVD version, or this new one?  Cause if it’s this one?  I’ll see the prequels.  I’ll probably skip Star Wars.  Empire Strikes Back without a doubt.  Return of the Jedi?  With that new, unnecessary shout at the end?  Not just no, but Hell no.  Cause really.  WTF Lucas?

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