NYCC cons(the not so good)

There were some down moments of NYCC.

1. The line to get in Friday morning.  Yeah, I’m sure it was better than last year (we got there around 5 last year), but seriously.

People were divided into three lines with colored entrances.  The blue entrance was for VIP/pro/press passes.  The green entrance for anyone who already had a badge, and the yellow entrance for anyone who needed to buy/pick up a badge.  Sounds pretty straight forward, right? Not so much.

I would hazard a guess that probably 3/4 of everyone there had to go in through the green entrance.  I do seem to recall that the 4 day/VIP passes didn’t sell out.  When Rob and I got to Javits on Friday morning, we started on 39th Street, the street closest to the green entrance.  And we followed the signs.  Down 39th.  Around the corner to 12th Ave and down the long block to 34th Street.  Around that corner and up 34th almost to the corner of 11th Ave (yeah, not exactly a short distance-especially with really high humidity).  The volunteers holding the signs  just said to keep going.  We were almost to 11th Ave before anyone said anything but keep going.  And that guy said-“Go in the blue entrance.  Today only.”

Seriously?  We walked almost completely around the building because there didn’t seem to be any communication.  Yeah, okay, fine.  It took about 45 min to get in.  Though I could be wrong; it could’ve taken longer.


2.  There was a panel I’d hoped to go to at 10:45 Friday morning.  I didn’t really expect to make it, not with waiting in line, but with the fiasco of the line?  No way was it possible.  And WTH did they have a panel at 10:45 AM?  Who’s actually there aside from the VIP/pro/press and the people who got in line at the asscrack of dawn?


I know it’s not likely to happen, but the line situation could possibly be somewhat fixed if they were to separate the lines more than they already had—multiple and single day passes.  That might help a slight bit.  And don’t schedule panels until a time when people are likely to actually be in the building.


Sunday morning line

3.  The cattle herding line on Sunday.  I understand there are safety concerns.  But again, separate lines—don’t lump me in with everyone who’s picking up their badges for the day.  Or at least try to make sure the AC is working better.


4.  I had really hoped to be able to go to see Return of the King at Radio City with a full symphony.  Rob and I saw Two Towers last year, and I’d so looked forward to that.  But that got delayed to next year.  There’s a traveling concert/showing for Fellowship of the Ring, which I’d also like to see, but as far as I know, that won’t be making it to the East coast.


Everything else that wasn’t great—I expect not to enjoy that stuff at a convention, especially one as crowded as NYCC.  People push and shove, block vendor tables, and they’re generally asses.  I don’t expect that to change, though sometimes there are those decent people who have manners.

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