I’ve got to get better at this procrastination thing.  As in-don’t do it.  NYCC was a week ago, and I’m just now writing about it.  Although in the past few days, I have bought a paper shredder and cleared out my filing cabinet.  Also bought a couple plastic bins to store some of the t shirts that I don’t wear.  This is an important thing because it helps me get my writing room clean and cleared out.  Once that’s done, I won’t feel so incredibly cramped when I go in there, and I’ll feel more encouraged to write.

And today I’ve taken the first step into getting back on track with normal exercise—I spent 30 minutes on the treadmill.  The wedding threw me completely out of whack in just about every way possible.  At least as far as keeping up with exercise and writing, and keeping my writing room clean.  Probably didn’t help much that Rob and I went to more conventions this year than we did last year.  Though I think the biggest time sink was making the wedding dress mockup.  That took up pretty much all my Friday half days during summer hours.

But now that’s all behind me, and I can get moving again. Literally.

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