More store closings

So. Borders is expecting to close another another 28 stores.  The next closest to me, Fairfield, is one slated to close by May.  The Stamford store will also be closing.  This leaves Waldenbooks and 2 Borders-I forget where one is, and the Meriden store is close to Hartford, about an hour and a half away.

Borders seems to be doing the best it can to make sure I don’t want to shop there anymore.  Online, or in the store.  Every single email I’ve gotten in the past month has either been a notice about 165 closing sales, or it’s been telling me that it’s just “a quick drive” to the nearest store–Fairfield.  Not so much anymore.

As I’ve said before, I’m not a fan of Barnes and Noble.  However, I’m also not a fan of internet shopping for books.  If I’m buying a physical copy of a book, I want it in my hands without a wait when possible.  I like being able to flip through books to get a feel of the writing.  And yes, I do tend to judge books by the covers.  I’ve bought several because I recognize the work of the cover artist, and every single one, so far, has been a series I continue to follow.

What this means is that I’m probably gonna have to suck it up and start going to Barnes and Noble.  I can only hope that the employees either become friendlier, or the store manager hires ex-Borders employees.  Unlikely to happen, but hey, I can dream.

And seriously, Borders?  Get your ass in gear and thank your employees already.  They shouldn’t be doing it for you.–The 165ers are calling the closing stores, those that haven’t closed yet, and thanking them for their service.

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