2D glasses

When Rob and I went to see Phantom Menace 3D, one of the reasons we’d waited awhile was because of his eyes-recovering from the detached retina and all.  Because of that, we weren’t entirely sure how well he’d be able to see 3D movies yet, or if he’d even be able to.

So, I ordered the 2D glasses from ThinkGeek.com.

2D and 3D glasses, side by side

The glasses were originally one of the April Fool’s products.  But the really cool thing with Think Geek is that when enough people show interest, they’ll turn the April Fool’s products into real ones.  Other things that started out like this–the TaunTaun sleeping bag, iCade, canned unicorn meat(this one has one of the funniest stories).  They have some pretty cool April Fool’s stuff, though not all ends up as real products.

But back to the glasses.  They look exactly like 3D glasses, aside from the writing on the side, and yes, they do work like they say.  We took them to Phantom Menace, and Rob tried them with a trailer.  After checking the 3D glasses to see that, yes, he can use them.  He gave me the 2D glasses to check, and yup, the 3D trailer went 2D when I put them on.  And this was putting them on over the 3D glasses over my glasses.

back view

We’ll likely take them with us now, just in case–sometimes the motion blur can bother me, and sometimes Rob still has a bit of trouble with his eye.  But for people who get headaches, motion sickness, and whatnot from 3D, or just can’t go to 3D movies for whatever reason, these are good to have.  And in response to the likely “Why don’t you just see it in 2D?” that’s sure to pop up, sometimes your friends or family want to see 3D, and sometimes, like with Star Wars, seeing it in 3D is the entire point of going.

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