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I’m a happy geek today.  Rob and I went to see Phantom Menace 3D. If I hadn’t gotten to see it, I would’ve been pretty unhappy.  I mean, really, it’s Star Wars.  In a theater.  And I don’t give a rat’s ass about whether people love or hate it.  I’m entertained.  Enough with the vitriol, okay?

I quite liked the 3D conversion.  There was none of the in-your-face, stuff-flying-at-your-face gimmicks.  All Lucas did was add a depth of field to the movie.  Which added to the overall experience.  Yeah, there were some times where parts were still flat, but you can’t expect every leaf on every tree and every blade of grass to be converted.  It was more akin to watching action on a stage.  Aside from the closeups and all.

For me, it’s all about the experience.  The sounds, the music, the images.  I will go see Star Wars anytime it’s showing in a theater for that reason.  It leaves me wanting more, wanting to rewatch the rest and experience them again.  It’s that whimsy and wonder that makes me want to create.

When we got to the theater, there were maybe three other groups of people.  By the time the 20th Century Fox fanfare began, the theater was decently full.  Mostly families.  When we walked out of the building, there were a few kids making lightsaber sounds and spinning and whirling and pretending to fight.  That?  That’s why I’m glad the movies continue to be released and why I’m tired of all the arguments.

Cause really, it’s Star Wars.  Sit back and enjoy the ride, and don’t think too hard.  Don’t get hung up on what you think it could’ve been, what you think it should’ve been.  Chances are, you wouldn’t have been happy, no matter what Lucas did.  Just let your inner child out and enjoy it, and afterward, pretend to have lightsaber fights with your friends.

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