Deadlines are not something that so far have worked well for me–with my writing that is, I always hit deadlines for the day job, even if it means bringing work home and getting it done in the evenings.  I’ve given myself deadlines, and most of the time I forget that I’ve done that. I think the only time I managed to finish before one was with my first novel draft.  And possibly a rough draft of a short story.

But usually, I tell Rob what date I’ve given myself, or I put it on my whiteboard by the bed, and then something or other happens and I forget about it until I’m erasing it to set it further back.

Yesterday, I thought of what I think is probably the best and worst possible deadline I can give myself, and the best and worst possible reward.  So much so that I was extremely hesitant to even mention it to Rob.

I did tell him, and now he’s holding me to it.

So, I have to finish one of three projects–an outline for my space opera, a polished short story, or the current novel draft–by December 18.  That date specifically because it’s the release of The Force Awakens. If I finish, I get to see the movie.  If not, no movie.

Sometimes, I hate what I do to myself. But I have a deadline, so I’ve gotta write.

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I'm a writer in progress, and in my day job I copyedit/solve puzzles.
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