Christmas and cleaning

I’ve been caught up with Christmas and all the holiday stuff lately.  It ends up taking up a lot of time for me since I live in CT, and my family lives in TX and AK.  So I have to start my shopping early on to get everything wrapped and packaged to get it shipped to arrive before Christmas.

This year, I lost track of time.  I had most everything bought and realized I had two weeks to get it all together.  Spent all of Saturday wrapping and packing stuff and got it to the UPS store to ship.  I need to not do that next year.

So, because of this, I got completely sidetracked from revisions.  And let myself get sidetracked, too.  Exercise got left behind as well.  But I have next week off.  New/fresh start on Monday.  I’ve begun cleaning my writing room in anticipation of the excuses I might come up with to procrastinate.  If I can get a big part of the room clean before Monday, I should be good there.

Other excuses, maybe not so much.  Still have the airline to call about the wedding fare discount thingie, stuff to put on the amazon registry, and we haven’t seen any movies yet–that list keeps getting longer.  Will have to wait and see.

And I won’t even get a break from everything until almost the end of January.  For New Year’s, we’re going to Pennsylvania.  Weekend after is a trip into NYC to meet up with friends and have mac and cheese.  The 14-16 of Jan is Marscon.  It exhausts me to just think about it all.

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