A bit about the past month, and my birthday

This morning, my phone buzzed at 7:13 a.m.–6 minutes before the alarm on my FitBit was supposed to buzz, and 7 minutes before the alarm clock would go off.  It woke me up, and I’d normally have ignored it, but once I figured out it was the phone and not an alarm, I saw that it was my sister calling.  It’s my birthday (although it’s now after midnight, so technically not), and my computer’s calendar reminder said I turned 35. And yeah, just ask Rob, that reminder is actually kinda necessary.

But anyway.  She called to wish me a happy birthday, and she wanted to check on me because I’ve apparently not been on facebook in a while, and hadn’t responded to a text the other day.

And she was right–partially.  I haven’t posted anything on facebook in over a month, though I check it every day.  In part, I’ve been preoccupied most of September.  A couple weekends were spent doing things with a friend who visited from Scotland–we had dinner with M.L. Brennan, who writes a fantastic vampire series, and the next day we went to Medieval Times in New Jersey.  There was a lot of cleaning–we had a bulk pickup early in the month and wanted to get rid of stuff, and it was just necessary–and I binge watched a lot of tv to catch up with a couple of shows before the new seasons.


This room desperately needed cleaning. It’s slightly cleaner now.


Plus, I’ve been getting a lot of writing done, and now that the weather’s cooler, I’ve been able to get back into exercising.  Which is a good thing, because I had a checkup last week, and my triglycerides went from 257 in March to 430.  Yeah. That’s not a good thing.  There were a variety of factors, and I’m pretty aware of all of them, and I’m doing something about it.

So, I’ve been pretty busy, and it never crossed my mind that I hadn’t been active online anywhere but Twitter.

I often get a bit melancholy at the beginning of October; my birthday makes me miss friends I haven’t talked to in a while. That melancholy makes me a bit depressed, and less likely to notice I’m withdrawing from most everything.  And it’s a little deeper now that October starts with memories of my mom’s passing a couple days before my birthday.

Often, I end up being very introspective, and a lot of what’s going through my head finds its way out in my writing.  Right now I’m working on a short story-type thing, and it’s very much influenced by these feelings. I’m not certain if it’s something that’ll end up getting read by anyone, but it’s how I work through a lot of my issues.

The downside is that I lose track of almost everything around me, and I plan on getting to stuff, like responding to messages, later on.  And sometimes, I end up sitting and staring at the screen, overthinking what I’m trying to write, so I set it aside until later and end up forgetting it.

But my birthday was a good day. I’ve got a phone that’s fully functional, and blue cupcakes with chocolate icing and star-shaped sprinkles. Still being awake at 4 a.m. is probably not all that great, though, so sleep is likely what I should be doing.

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