London Trip Part 2: LonCon 3


Me and Rob dressed up for the Hugo Awards

This is up pretty late, but I got distracted.

LonCon 3 was my second WorldCon–the first was LoneStarCon 3 in San Antonio last year–and I had a fantastic time.

Good stuff:

–Seeing Lisa again and getting to introduce her to lots of authors.

–I got to see Issica again! She was awesome and let me stay with her during my last trip to England, and it was great seeing her again and meeting her boyfriend and daughter.

–The Fan Village. It was an awesome idea, having a central location for people to hang out, have parties, and it included a bar.

–Awesome people. Rob and I got to spend a little bit of time with Seanan McGuire and Emma Newman, both a couple of our favorite authors, and we met some people who are also pretty cool.  We ended up skipping a couple panels to talk to them about stuff from DSC_0939politics and history to Doctor Who and gaming.

–Rob and I watched about half of the symphony rehearsal (we had plans and couldn’t get to the actual concert), though I only recognized a few of the pieces they played. The room got cleared during a break, and we didn’t make our way back in.


Me, Rob, and Lisa after the Retro Hugo Awards

–Dressing up and going to the ’39 Retro Hugo awards, which had a War of the Worlds bit, and also dressing up and going to the normal Hugo awards.


Seanan McGuire and Dead Sexy, miniature camera effect

–Attending Seanan McGuire’s concert.  She’s an awesome singer, and during the concert, I played around with my camera and figured out how to take black and white photos.

–Seanan gave us an ARC of The Winter Long after her reading, so I got to read the book a couple days before it came out.

–Myke Cole moderated a panel about military sci-fi.  He’s always fantastic as a moderator or panelist, and this was no exception. (He’s got a fantastic black humor story that has to do with elephants.) I took a lot of notes, although I now don’t entirely remember the context for all of them.


Seanan and Dead Sexy in black and white

Not so good stuff:

–The Fan Village.  I loved the idea, but the room had concrete floors and cinderblock walls. The noise level had a tendency to rise and echo and build on itself, and that only got worse as parties started up. Also, there weren’t enough places to be able to sit, unless you didn’t mind sitting on the floor.

–The pocket program. It had a lot of great info in it, but the type for the schedule portion was so small that I had trouble reading it.

–The schedule. This isn’t really an issue; it’s just that there were so many interesting panels that were scheduled against each other, or they overlapped because some were 60 minutes long and others were 90. Rob and I ended up just not going to most of them.

More photos can be found here–pictures!–though I tend to not take quite as many at cons.

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