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Yesterday was my second wedding anniversary.  I came home to a big box on the bed.  Skittles pawed at it, like he saw something to play with.  Replicas of the daggers Legolas uses in Lord of the Rings.  I’ve been wanting them since the movie came out.

I only pulled one out, just to see what it looked like.


So very pretty


They’re not perfect, but I don’t expect that. And they’re just going to be displayed, if I can ever find wall space.  The set came with a plaque, and Rob ordered sheathes for them cause they’re very sharp.

I bought Rob some shirts. Not that he needs any more, but these were ones I knew he’d like.  Plus shirts are more useful than almost anything else I could’ve got him.





Today is Mom’s birthday, and Rob and I celebrated with ice cream cupcakes.


We celebrated her birthday in Alaska, two years ago, the day after the wedding. While she might be gone, there’s never any forgetting.


Miss you, Mom.

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