About that NaNo thing

So, I tried to do the NaNo thing and write 50,000 words in a month.  That didn’t quite work.  Partly because I was trying to write something I found boring, and I got bored with staring at the same four walls and needed to do something fun.  Which didn’t happen until after November.

I don’t consider this a big deal.   I got back into the habit of writing every day, and my head is back in my story.  I fluctuated between writing around 300 to 2,000 words a day, when I did write, but I ended up with just over 20,000 total for November.  Considering that was about two weeks, not too bad.

Another thing that came out of this, Rob gave me a deadline for getting a rough draft done. Which I knew wouldn’t happen in 50,000 words.  He challenged me to finish this draft by December 20.

This might possibly happen. I don’t expect it to, if only because that’s a lot of story to tell in a short amount of time.  Basically, if an urban fantasy novel is usually around 80,000 words, then I’m at 1/4 of that and need to write about 60,000 words in eleven days.  …Yeah, probably not.  That’d be about 5,500 words a day. (I don’t write on Sundays, and we’ll be out of the house tomorrow.)

But hey, I’ve written 10,000 words in a day before, so who’s to say it’s impossible?


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