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I’ve left my characters in a kitchen, surrounded by werewolves.  So while I let that situation stew and try to figure out how to get them out of it, I figured I’d post on here.

Since the last time I’ve posted? My WiP(work in progress, for those that don’t know) has passed 62,000 words and is well on the way to being somewhat decent.  I’ll have to go back and revise quite a bit early on because of changes I’ve made while writing, but I’m hopeful that the story is quite a bit more solid and entertaining than the first original POS.  Cause really, that thing was completely and utterly horrible.

Well, maybe not completely. I did keep the first chapter or two, with heavy revisions.

A month ago, just before Mother’s Day in fact, Rob’s mom took a bad step off a stair on a friend’s deck and shattered her ankle.  A surgery, two plates, seven pins, and a month later, she’s got a hard cast, a walker, and a wheelchair, and she’s home.

In that month she was in a recovery home, Rob and I bought a new Xbox 360-the Star Wars themed R2D2 Xbox with the 3PO controller and Kinect. It’s quite decent for exercise, though some games can be a bit picky on where exactly you need to stand for movement to register right.  Our living room is the slightest bit too little, the way it’s set up.  And with our entertainment center, it’s not getting changed.

Rob and I had intended to go to World Fantasy Con in Toronto this year, but because of a number of things, that plan has been scrapped.  This makes me very sad.  And it’s highly unlikely we’ll be able to consider 2013 because it’s in England.  We are going to try to go to Romantic Times 2013, though, because it’s in Kansas City.  And WorldCon 2014 in London and EuroCon 2014 in Ireland.  <–Those two would be our delayed honeymoon type trip-they’re a week apart.  But! We are planning on going to New York Comic Con.  Already bought our tickets.  Now I’m just waiting to see if the Return of the King concert at Radio City is still gonna happen, or if it’ll be pushed back.  Again.

Everything else…well, that’s all pretty much the same as usual.  Except the roads in our neighborhood.  They’ve been scraped up, or whatever it’s called, so that they can be repaved (FINALLY!), except we don’t know when they’ll actually get repaved.  So I’m parking in the drive until that happens.

For now, though, I need to figure out how to move those characters.

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