Boskone 49

Rob and I spent the weekend in Boston at the Westin Waterfront for Boskone.  Small convention, though my experience is tiny, small, and OMG huge.  The guest of honor was John Scalzi, and the artist guest of honor was Daniel Dos Santos.  We got several chances to talk to lots of the authors there–quite a few at koffeeklatches(yeah, pretty sure I misspelled that.)

Mostly non-linear bits and pieces I remember–

Myke Cole on getting published–win Writers of the Future, “der der der,” get shorts published, “der der der,” get an agent, “der der der,” and get a book deal.

Myke Cole on Peter V. Brett on getting published–“Fuck that”–Peter wrote a book, got an agent in two weeks, and got a book deal in two weeks.

Peter V. Brett plugged Myke’s book-Control Point-and said the second book is even better than the first.  He also explained why there was such a length of time between his books–he overestimated how much he could write full time and didn’t take into consideration all the stuff you do in writing that’s not writing.

Scalzi’s first con was Torcon, after he sold a book.  He was scheduled for a reading with nothing to read, so read the first chapter of The Android’s Dream.  It’s dedicated to the 5 people who showed up.

I met Joshua Bilmes, agent for Peter V. Brett, Myke Cole, Charlaine Harris, Jim C. Hines, and more, and he gave me his card.

Daniel Dos Santos paints with physical media; he’ll spend lots of time making effects look digital even when they’re not.  He has a model he can call at 2AM and say “I need to take photos of your legs.”

A few of my friends from college were there.  They recognized me by my hair.

Myke wants people to play Warhammer 40k with, and he likes cons because he can pretend he has friends.  Or something like that.

The little bit of Boston’s transit system I saw was better than New York City.

I met the President (Scalzi) and Treasurer (Bud Sparhawk) of SFWA.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden is a moderator for, and created a wikia–Onlinemanship–which should be useful for forum moderators.

Describing what I do at work is easier when I have a puzzle book with me.

I know there’s more that I’m not remembering right now, but in all, fun weekend.  And back to work tomorrow.

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