Rob started back to work today, after almost exactly 3 months out.  So far, he’s on light duty.

I spent most of the weekend forgetting there was a football game on Sunday.  Friday was our usual trip to Barnes and Noble–we picked up a copy of Myke Cole’s debut, Control Point.  We also saw Saladin Ahmed’s debut, Throne of the Crescent Moon, but we’ll wait until after the release date to pick it up.  Everything I’ve read and been told is that the numbers don’t count until after that date.

Saturday started with a trip to the grocery store.  I planned on spending the day writing, so I wanted Dr Pepper and snacks.  Best combination, in my opinion, Dr Pepper and Better Cheddars.  Love those crackers.  But I eat them by box, so I don’t have them often.

I got quite a bit written/revised.  Maybe around 3500-4k.  I could’ve gotten more, but had a few problems.

One was the revisions themselves.  I was rewriting scenes, and the dialogue needed to be ripped out and started new.  This meant taking some time to figure out what needed to be kept and what didn’t, and what needed to be added in.  So I ended up getting through only about 4 scenes.

The other problem was the computer.  I was trying to export pictures from iPhoto to an external drives(redundant backups and all, since I’ve lost stuff in the past), and I kept getting an error.  And when I tried to clean up the hard drive, I got an error that the drive needed to be repaired.  So getting that all sorted took away from writing.

Especially when I tend to keep the file open for reference.  Although that was a short-lived delay, I have a copy on my iPad.  Then I stopped because the house got too cold to write.  But that does tend to happen at 3am in winter.

Sundays tend to be pretty routine.  Laundry, spend the day playing games with Rob.  It’s the only day I play games.  Unless friends come to visit, but that’s rare.  And we watched a lot of shows to clear off the DVR.  The thing has issues, so we want to exchange it.

Now, I have about 14 handwritten pages to get typed up.  This will take a few nights.

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