A short break

From NYCC posts.  I had one started yesterday, but didn’t finish with it before bed.  Rob and I got distracted by an online chat Q&A with Jim Butcher.  And tonight, I’ve gotten a pretty long post written, but like everything else I write, it’s written longhand and needs to be typed up.  Which is actually somehow easier to do sitting on my bed than it is sitting at my desk.  So that’ll likely not get done until tomorrow because I’m pretty sure I’m the only one awake in the house.  Cause the cats don’t count for that.

And I’m quite aware of the oddity that I’m typing this at my desk, but can’t copy something.  Has to do with not really having anywhere to put stuff except right in front of me, plus the laptop sits a bit higher than is comfortable for that kinda thing.

Now, to try to get something story-related written.

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I'm a writer in progress, and in my day job I copyedit/solve puzzles.
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