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Boba Fett modeling the Boba Fett-ish underwear

Since Rob and I couldn’t go to the panel we’d wanted on Friday morning, our first stop was the Her Universe booth.

The picture is from Saturday.
Her Universe was started by Ashley Eckstein (working with The Araca Group).  Ashley voices Ahsoka Tona, Anakin’s padawan in the animated Clone Wars series.  She started the business because if you’re female and want sci-fi clothing, you had to shop in the men’s section.  And about all that was available were shirts.  When the business started, there was a small selection of Star Wars shirts.

I’d known about Her Universe since it was announced, but I’d mostly forgotten there would be a booth at NYCC.  Coming across it was a pleasant surprise, and it was nice to meet Ashley.  She helped me try on several shirts, and she told me and Rob to watch the website/Twitter for an announcement.  That announcement was that Her Universe was expanding to include apparel from SyFy shows.

The main reason Her Universe was our first stop was because about a week before they put out a Halloween tote bag.  It sold out so quickly that there was an announcement that more would be available.  I almost bought one, but I saw on the email that there would be a limited quantity available at NYCC.  I decided I could wait.

The first thing I asked for was the tote.  Then I went from left to right and got almost every Star Wars shirt available, and the red spine Battlestar Galactica shirt.  I also got the Rebel insignia earrings and the charm bracelet and all the charms.  We didn’t see Ashley that first trip, but we were told that she had a hectic schedule and would be in and out of the booth.

Later, we went back, and Rob bought me the Cylon toaster necklace and the Imperial insignia earrings.  Ashley was there, but she was busy being interviewed.  We waited to talk to her when she had some free time-she said she remembered us from last year-and before she went to her next interview, I said that I was thinking about getting the BSG hoodie.

So, she went and pulled one out for me to feel, because that material is incredibly soft, and to point out some of the cool things about it—a small pocket inside the right pocket for an iPod/iPhone and a hole to put the headphones through.  The hoodie was a bit tight and wouldn’t quite zip, but I rarely wear them closed, anyway.  Ashley had another interview to get to, but she waited to make sure I was satisfied before leaving.  So I added that and the Boba Fett-ish set to what I’d bought.

Friday night, I tried on the red spine shirt, and I looked through the other shirts I got.  I’m glad I did, because I discovered that I’d accidentally been given a second red spine shirt instead of the Yoda shirt.

I put the shirt in my bag, and on Saturday we stopped by again.  I explained what had happened, and Ashley was more than happy to switch the shirt I got for the one I wanted.  By that point, I think I’d bought almost everything they had at the booth.  I didn’t buy the rhinestone Star Wars cap (I’m not so much for pink, rhinestones, or baseball caps), the Leena’s B&B shirt, or the Sharktopus shirt.  Well, aside from anything that I bought the previous year.

After such good experiences with Her Universe at NYCC, and having bought a few shirts from the site, I’m quite impressed and hope they continue doing well.  Yeah, the shirts are a bit pricey, but the quality and customer service is excellent.  I’m really hoping they’re able to continue expanding their product lines–I like having more places to get my geeky shirts.

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