A warning–pardon my language for a moment.  Holy fucking hell.  I think I’ve finished my rough draft.  Yeah, I say think.  Mainly because if I were to put my pen to paper, I could easily keep going.  But that, I believe, would bleed into the next thought for a story, and I would like to try to keep the first novel as stand alone as it can be simply so that it’s a fully told story in itself.  Sorta like Star Wars is a story all by itself.  I’m also not exactly sure that this isn’t simply being loopy from staying up later than I normally tend to, anymore, and lots of caffeine.  I’m thinking not, but these things always affect me differently.  I’m going to be cautiously optimistic and say the draft is done.  Now I have to decide how to proceed from here.  Sleep might be good for that.

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Yay! Words

Been getting back into the routine I’d had of writing.  It’s reminded me why I love it.  I want to finish the story so that I can find out what happens.  Yeah, I know sorta because I’ve got a bit of an outline, but I don’t know all the details of how it gets there.  Although at times it’s a bit annoying because the characters seem to want to get into romantic entanglements, and I don’t want to write that.  Would just like to get through this first novel before dealing with that.  It’s going to happen eventually; there’s no way around that.  Just not yet.

I need to spend more time writing this weekend, I think.  Less driving around town.  And less talking to people at Borders, although that’s always fun.  But distracting.  Need fewer distractions.  At least Rob’s got Fallout: New Vegas to keep him occupied.  Not that he ever really distracts me.

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Well, I’d been writing quite a bit, but stopped to clean up my writing room.  Didn’t want to, but it so needed to be done.  Now, it’s taking me a bit to get back into the story.  Don’t like when that happens, but at least it’s a pretty rare thing.

I’d thought about describing NYCC, but that seems like too much work.  And really, unless I wrote a story set there(ohh…idea), it would take away too much from actual writing time.  So, instead, I’ll post my pictures.  I don’t have too many pics from the actual con; I didn’t feel like pulling out my camera that much, especially not with the huge press of people on Saturday.  And at the concert, I was enjoying the movie and music.  Plus I had my Canon point and shoot.  Different story if I’d had my Nikon.  One of the best parts, I got my Kindle signed by Anton Strout, Tom Sniegoski, Chris Ramsay, Seanan McGuire, Brandon Sanderson, and Jim Butcher.

Yeah, I better get back to writing before my mind goes completely off track.

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Just real quick, cause my mind’s still a bit loopy, but New York Comic Con was pretty cool.  Aside from the crushing crowd on Saturday, and the issues with finding taxis.  Loved Two Towers at Radio City, really wanna see Return of the King next year.  Fantastic amazing awesome Jim Butcher fan dinner Saturday night.  And Sunday, Rob said I couldn’t buy anything else because I’d run out of room to be able to get stuff home.

Now, I’m attempting to get more written.

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Been working on my website. Hoping I’ve gotten it to some sorta working order that won’t need much more tweaking now.

Also, got into the last stretch of scenes in the WiP. These should be the quickest to write–they’ve been bouncing around in my head for quite a while.

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