Rob goes back to work Monday.  So far, he’s regained pretty much all his sight, though, like with the cataract surgery, he’ll be recovering for months.  Or closer to a year.  But now he won’t be restricted and stir crazy at home.

The doctor had me stop taking the BP meds she put me on, after halving the dose.  Far as I can tell, they didn’t seem to do much other than give me a fine tremor in my hands.  Moreso than usual.  My blood pressure still seems to hover just below, or on, the prehypertension line, but I also wasn’t all that vigilant about diet and exercise for several months.


My mom visited for Christmas and New Years; it was only her second visit since I moved to Connecticut.  And Rob and his mom got to experience what Christmas was like for me growing up.  Tons of presents under the tree.  It was fun. 😀

Now, not quite a month into the new year, I’ve somewhat settled into a routine.  For New Years resolutions, I had only two.  They should be easy enough to keep.  One-exercise.  Two-write.

Exercise-specifically to exercise regularly.  Yeah, longterm I’d like to lose weight, but right now I’m focusing on regaining my stamina and strengthening my back.  I had both of these before, but in Dec 2009 I had bronchitis.  I never quite managed to recover completely from that.  Or I lacked the drive to exercise like I needed to.  Now that I’ve managed to get 3 weeks consistently on the treadmill, I’m starting to see small improvements.

As for writing, that’s to write more.  Considering how quickly that dropped off with all the wedding stuff, that’ll be pretty easy to manage.  I’m starting small–500 words a day for 5 days, or 2500 a week.  Rob’s suggestion.  I was going to go with 250 a day, but he thought I should up it.  Long term for this one?  Finish the second draft of my novel.  And hopefully polish it.  Other incentives to write more include plans to go to World Fantasy con in Toronto in November.

I’m on the right track; I’ve thrown out most of the rough draft and have a (hopefully) solid synopsis in place.  With lots of ideas for possible sequels.

Now, I just have to get it written.

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